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Team Members

Currently our team is comprise of 19 students in grades 8th through 12th. All of our students are planning on pursuing careers in STEM fields and are looking forward to apply to Colleges such as Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, and Georgia Tech

  • Seniors:

    NickA Nicholas A

    PaulynO Paulyn O

    PaulTPaul T
  • Juniors:

    CarlosB Carlos B

    EdwinC Edwin C

    Sebastian O Sebastian O

    SebastianG Sebastian G

    DaniG Daniella G

    BethM Elizabeth M

    Alesha Alesha W

    GerardA Gerard A

    TonyT Antonio T
  • Sophomores:

    ColinC Colin C

    NikhilM Nikhil M

    MartinG Martin G

    MimiF Mylena F
  • Freshman:

    PatrickSPatrick S

    DennisB Dennis B

    EashanS Eashan S

About our team

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4013 better known as Clockwork Mania is a 5th year team. In our short time in FIRST we have participated in the FIRST World Championship four times. Our students also participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge and Mini Urban competitions.